Combating Toxicity, Hate, and Harassment in Online Games: A Workshop at FDG 2023


While online multiplayer games are great in many ways (e.g., supporting social connectedness), they are also platforms on which players can experience or witness toxicity, hate, and harassment. These behaviours are potentially harmful for players and ubiquitous in many games, despite substantial work on combating them.

To help with this endeavour we are organizing a workshop at the Foundations of Digital Games (FDG) conference in Lisbon, Portugal. The workshop will take place on April 11, 2023. See Important Dates for all dates and the Call for Participation for more information about how to participate.

In this workshop, we want to bring together researchers from different backgrounds to build a community,  identify current challenges, imagine potential solutions, and foster collaborations aiming to help combat toxicity, hate, and harassment in online games. 

We are planning a hybrid workshop. Because of the interactive nature of the planned activities, we feel that attendees would benefit from in-person attendance. However, due to ongoing travel restrictions due to pandemic and global mobility issues, we will support participation from those unable to travel.

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